Senior Arbiter Exam – 24 September, 2015 – Important announcment

Senior Arbiter Exam – 24 September, 2015

Participants of the Senior Arbiter examination to be held at Thoothukudi on 24th September are instructed to be present at the venue “PALMS”, South Raja Street, Thoothukudi at 09.00 AM.

After attendance, a doubt clearing session will be held from 09.15 AM to 01.00 PM. After lunch, the examination will commence at 02.30 PM.

Question pattern & Model Questions
The question pattern for the forthcoming Senior Arbiter Examination is given below:
Number of multiple choice questions        :40                40 x 1 = 40 marks
Number of short answer type questions    :05                05 x 1 = 05 marks
True/false questions                                      :05                05 x 1 = 05 marks
Total                                                               50 marks

Duration of examination:                                            2 hours and 30 minutes
Participants, consulting with each other during the examination may be disqualified.
Model Questions

1) A player makes his first move e4 with right hand and presses the clock with right hand. He makes his second move Nf3 with his left hand and presses the clock with left hand. His opponent objects to it. What is your decision?

a) White’s action is correct.
b) White’s action is wrong.  He must make all the moves with right hand and press the clock with right hand only.
c) White’s action is wrong.  He must make all the moves with right hand but may press the clock with any hand.
d) White’s action is wrong.  He may make all the moves with any hand but must press the clock with right  hand       [         ]

2) A game was played with 5 minutes for each player with no increment. White makes an illegal move. The arbiter, who is present, must

a)  interfere and add two minutes to opponent
b)  interfere and declare White as lost
c)  interfere and add two minutes to opponent, only if the opponent claims an illegal move
d)  declare White as lost, only if Black claims. If Black does not claim, game will continue                                           [         ]

3)  White:Kd6, P- h7                          Black: Ra8, Kd8
White played h7 to h8 and removed the pawn from h8. While requesting the arbiter to give him a queen, his flag fell. Black claims win on time and White claims checkmate, as he had already told the arbiter to give a queen and Qh8 will be a checkmate.

a) Black’s claim is correct
b) White’s claim is correct, as checkmate wins, even if the move is not made
c) it is a draw
d) the arbiter’s decision is final                                     [         ]

4) In a national championship, player A was paired with B in the second round. B did not turn up and lost by forfeit. When the sixth round pairings were made, B and A were again paired and the pairing was displayed. B objected that he should not be paired with A.
a) The claim by B is correct
b) the pairing is correct
c) as the pairing has been displayed, it should not be changed. Anyhow, the pairing is wrong
d) if the arbiter wants to change, he shall change the pairing.               [         ]

5) The minimum number of rated opponents to be met by an unrated player to get rating is
a) 5
b) 7
c) 4
d) 9                  [       ]

6) Black’s king is on e8 and its knight on e7 is pinned by White’s rook on e1. Now, Black plays Nxd5 and presses the clock. White plays Rxe8 and completes his move. What is the action to be taken by the arbiter?

7) State true or false:
At the start of the game having a default time of 15 minutes, White arrives at the board and Black has not turned up. When the arbiter says “Start your game”, White starts Black’s clock immediately. White’s action is correct.

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