Anand Draws Nakamura

Anand Draws Nakamura
By Arvind Aaron

All four games ended in draws in round five of the FIDE Candidates Tournament at Moscow on March 16. Standings remained status quo with Russia’s Sergey Karjakin in sole lead with 3½/5. Aronian is in second position with three points.

Four players, Anand, Giri, Svidler and Caruana are in the joint third place with 2½ points. Further behind are Nakamura 2 and Topalov 1½.

Anand faces Svidler in round six on Thursday. Anand drew Nakamura in 24 moves in a queen and rook ending. Anand checked the black king continuously to draw in under the stipulated 30 moves.

The longest draw was Topalov v Karjakin in 42 moves. Giri v Svidler and Aronian v Caruana also ended in draws.