Appeal to all

There is a very good response to the 1st AICF Cup Online Blitz chess tournament going to be held on Saturday, 30th May 2020 7 pm onwards by All Marathi Chess Association(AMCA).

Some people tried to stop this tournament through the court and through the disaffiliated unit of AICF,  Maharashtra Chess Association filed a Writ petition in Bombay High court and tried to stop this event, but High court has ordered that, All India Chess Federation should take the decision in this matter.

Hence, on behalf of the three-member committee headed by the President of AICF   Shri P R V Raja,  I hereby inform and declare to all chess fraternity that this tournament is an authorized event of AICF for the benefit of Indian Chess players in this COVID19 situation and same is organized by AMCA.

It is further clarified that the AICF has not disaffiliated AMCA. The news spread by the so-called 5 members committee of  Mr. Naresh Sharma etc. Bharat Singh Chauhan and Niranjan Godbole are false.

I request all the players to take part in the above tournament which is approved by AICF

Vijay Despande,Hon.Secretary, All India Chess Federation

AICF announcement