Aravindh and Hajra shines

S L Narayanan and Mosadeghpour MasoudAravindh and Hajra shines
By Gopakumar

New Delhi (08 May 16) :- Top seed Aravindh Chithamabram stopped the winning streak of S L Narayanan in open section while West Bengal girl Chandreyee Hajra shocked overnight sole leader Nandhidhaa P V in the ongoing Asian Junior Chess Championship here on Sunday.
After the end of sixth round matches, Aravindh and Narayanan occupying the leaders board in open category with 5 points while Hajra have the company of top seed Vaishali, who defeated Bala Kannamma in the sixth round at pole position in girls.
Playing white side of Sicilian defence, Aravindh displayed a solid tactical game to outwit his Indian counterpart in 55 moves. In girl’s top board, Nandhidhaa blundered in drawn position which provided upper hand to Hajra to secure full point from the sixth round outing.
In other important results in the sixth round, Grandmaster Karthikeyan Murali defeated Prananvanda while Iranian International Master duo of Mosadeghpour Masoud and Mousavi Seyed Khalil moved close to the leaders by registering victories over Ankit Gajwa and Chakravarthi Reddy respectively.

Important Results (Indian otherwise stated) :-

Open Round-6 :- GM Aravindh Chithambaram (5) beat GM S L Narayanan (5); FM Rakesh Kumar Jena (4.5) drew with FM Rajdeep Sarkar (4.5); Pranavananda V (3.5) lost to GM Karthikeyan Murali (4.5); IM Mosadeghpour Masoud of Iran (4.5) beat FM Ankit Gajwa (3.5); IM Chakravarthi Reddy (3.5) lost to IM Mousavi Seyed Khalil of Iran (4.5); Arjun Kalyan (4.5) beat Utkal Ranjan Sahoo (3.5); Rahul Srivatshav P (4) drew with IM Krishna Teja N (4); FM Nima Javanbakht of Iran (4) beat Ganesh R (3); Srijit Paul (4) beat FM Karthik V (3); Saurabh Anand (3) lost to Harsha Bharathakoti (4).

Girls Round-6 :- WIM Nandhidhaa P V (4.5) lost to WCM Chandreyee Hajra (5); Bala Kannamma P (4) lost to WFM Vaishali R (5); Uurinntuya Uurtsaikh of Mongolia (4) drew with Harshita Guddanti (4); WIM Ivana Maria Furtado (4) drew with Priyanka K (4); WCM Ananya Suresh (4) drew with WIM Sakshi Chitlange (4); Hamedi Nia Vesal of Iran (4) drew with WCM Saloni Sapale (4); WFM Varshini V (3.5) drew with Shweta Gole (3.5); WFM Tarini Goyal (3) lost to Akshaya Nandakumar (4); Sunyuktha CMN (3.5) drew with Priyanka Nutakki (3.5); Divya Lakshmi R (4) beat Sanskriti Goyal (3).