Attention all Players, Arbiters, Organisers and State Associations

It has been observed that many players registered with All India Chess Federation have two or more FIDE/AICF ids. All India Chess federation intends making it foolproof to ensure that  each player has only one fide and one AICF id.

Hence, it has been made mandatory to upload the photos of all players in both FIDE and AICF websites. All the players registering with AICF for the first time from 1st April 2013 have to submit a passport size photo, along with the registration form. AICF and FIDE registered players, who do not have photos in either of the two web sites are requested to send the recent passport size photo before 30th of March. While sending the photo, they have to mention their correct FIDE and AICF ids, in which the photo has to be uploaded. If players have more than one fide/AICF id, they have to inform AICF, the details of the ids, which need to be deleted. Otherwise, choice will be left with AICF to retain any one of the many ids.

Chief Arbiters/Organisers have to compulsorily collect photos from newly registering players and also those players who do not have photos in either of the two websites. They have to upload these photos in the website and send a copy to AICF, for uploading in FIDE website. Photos uploaded or sent by mail, shall be of memory size not exceeding 200 KB or 160 x 200 pixels. While creating new AICF ids or sending request to AICF to create new fide ids for players, arbiters and organizers have to check thoroughly and make sure that these players do not already have such an id. Care should be taken in entering all the data correctly.

Henceforth, tournament results will be sent to FIDE for rating, only if photos of all the players (which need to be uploaded) are uploaded/sent to AICF.