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Nirudh Wins Second Event Also

Nirudh Wins Second Event Also

Nirudh Wins Second Event Also
By Arvind Aaron

Second seed Anirudh Parsekar from Vasco won the MTCA Chess League 2016-2017 by scoring maximum seven points in the event that was conducted at Ravindra Bhawan, Baina, Vasco on September 11, 2016. Anirudh also won the first edition on August 15. Ten more legs will be held in 2016-2017. The player who wins the most in the season will be declared as league champion. In the final round, Anirudh beat top seed Bhimappa Harijan (1478) from Sada. Anirudh is rated 1467 and was the second seed.

Final placings (tie-break order): 1 Anirudh Parsekar 7/7; 2-3. Navin Morajkar, Shvesh Naik 6 each; 4 Akhilesh Nigalye 5.5; 5-10. Bhimappa Harijan, Sadanand M Rawal, Ayush Shetkar, Kiran Chopdekar, Sahil Desai, Kshaunish Naik 5 each.

Category prizes: Best Under-15 Boys/Girls Vinay Pal 4 and Manali Naik(4). Best Under-13 Boys/Girls- Vedant Naik 4.5, Ananya Pandey 4. Best Under-11 Boys/Girls Utkarsh Ganpule 5 and Dhanapal Mishka 5. Best Under-9 Boys/Girls: Aarush Pandey 4 and Vrishto Naik 2.5. Best Under-7 Boys/Girls: Shubh Kalangutkar 4 and Valanka Fernandes 4. Best Under-5: Boys/Girls: Arush Salgaonkar 1 and Sarfaraz Ikra 3. The third Monthly Tournament of this series shall be conducted on 2nd October 2016 at Ravindra Bhawan, Baina.

Swapnil Hoble was the Chief Arbiter of the tournament. The prizes were given to the players by Chief Guest Shekhar Khadapkar, Chairman of Ravindra Bhawan in the presence of Guest of Honour, Executive member of Ravindra Bhawan, Umesh Salgaonkar, Kishor M Bandekar, Joint Secretary of AICF, Pundalik Nayak, VP of MTCA, Anil Patil, Mukesh Adhia, Mukund Kambli, Executive Committee members. Program was co-ordinated by Akshay Nigale. Mukesh Adhia proposed a vote of thanks.