Carlsen wins with 10/13; Anand third

World No.1 ranked Magnus Carlsen of Norway won the Tata Steel Group ‘A’ with a towering 10/13 score at Wijk aan Zee in the Netherlands on January 27, 2013.
Carlsen, after last year’s event until this one, won all events and broke various rating records mainly those of Kasparov. He is the only
player who remained undefeated. Carlsen played at 2933 and is gaining Elo on a regular basis. Before 2013 ends, one can expect him to cross 2900.
Carlsen levelled Kasparov’s record of 10/13 in this event 14 years before. World No.2 ranked Aronian finished second. Anand and Karjakin finished third. The most rating loser was Sokolov and Caruana.
Anand made four draws, won one and lost one in the last six games and in many ways that spoilt his good start. The last round defeat to Wang Hao was the only defeat suffered by Anand. He had recovered well from the London showing and one can expect him to do better at Baden Baden next month.
Anand and Harikrishna both played better than their rating levels. Anand rated 2772 played at 2816, Harikrishna with 2698 played at 2735. Both Anand and Harikrishna will be gaining Elo from this event. Importantly, Harikrishna has entered the 2700 rating club.
Final placings: 1 M Carlsen (Nor) 10/13; 2 L Aronian (Arm) 8.5; 3-4 V Anand (Ind), S Karjakin (Rus) 8 each; 5 P Leko (Hun) 7.5; 6 H Nakamura (USA) 7; 7 P Harikrishna (Ind) 6.5; 8-10. A Giri (Ned), Wang Hao (Chn), L Van Wely (Ned) 6 each; 11 Hou Yifan (Chn) 5.5; 12 F Caruana (Ita) 5; 13 E L’Ami (Ned) 4; 14 I Sokolov (Ned) 3.