China Beats India For World Team Title

China Beats India For World Team Title
By Arvind Aaron

Olympiad champions China defeated India 3-1 in the final round to win the World Team Chess Championship that concluded at Armenia on April 28, 2015.

India suffered defeats on the white boards of Sethuraman and Deep Sengupta. Harikrishnan and Sasikiran drew with the black pieces in the top and third boards.

Two defeats in the last two rounds cost India dearly in the placings scale. India stayed on seven points and were pushed to ninth place. India had finished third at best in this edition many years back when China withdrew in the last moment and India was given their slot.

This win for China is a confirmation of the new super power in team chess. They had won the Chess Olympiad for the first time in August 2014 at Tromso, Norway.

Ukraine was in the title race but defeat to low rated USA cost them the gold medals. Ukraine scored 12 match points, three points behind China. China remained undefeated, winning six matches and drawing three for the maiden title.

India won three matches, lost five and drew one for seven points. Three players, Sethuraman (-16.5), Sasikiran (-7.9) and Deep Sengupta (-4.9) are losing while Harikrishna (+2.2) and Vidit Gujrathi (+13) are gaining Elo.

The scores: Harikrishna 5/9, Sethuraman 2.5/9, Sasikiran 3/8, Vidit Gujrathi 4.5/7 and Deep Sengupta 1/3. Four defeats in the last five games should be a shock to coach Grand Master R.B. Ramesh. India had finished with the bronze medal at Tromso 2014.

The results (round 8): India lost to Armenia 1.5-2.5; Egypt lost to Russia 0.5-3.5; Israel drew Hungary 2-2; Ukraine lost to USA 1.5-2.5; Cuba lost to China 1-3.

The results (round 9): China beat India 3-1; USA beat Cuba 3-1; Hungary drew Ukraine 2-2; Russia beat Israel 2.5-1.5; Armenia beat Egypt 2.5-1.5.