Delhi GM Open Rd. 09: Akash Iyer and Nubairshah Shaikh complete GM Norms

Category C Participants eager to see their pairing. [Photo: David Llada]

GM Naiditsch is a draw away from the title

IGI Stadium, Delhi (15-Jan.-2018): Top seed GM Arkadij Naiditsch drew in the ninth round with untitled Indian Akash Pc Iyer, rated 2415, to take a step closer to the title. Elsewhere, IM Md. Nubairshah Shaikh rated 2380 managed to beat IM P. Karthikeyan rated 2497 to complete his GM norm as well.

Akash P.C Iyer

Naiditsch offered a draw after 13 moves with the black pieces in a Queen’s Gambit Declined Exchange Variation. This ensured a GM norm for the young Tamil Nadu boy who has already completed the IM norm requirements.

Naiditsch thus took a step towards sealing the Delhi GM Open 2018 title. With 8.0/9, the Azeri grandmaster just needs a draw in the tenth and final round against Italian GM David Alberto to seal the win.

IM Md. Nubairshah Shaikh. [Photo: David Llada]
IM Md. Nubairshah Shaikh was white against IM Karthikeyan and the game was a Nimzo Indian Defence. On the nineteenth move, Nubair sacrificed an exchange for great control over the center and good pressure on black’s pieces overall. Black lost his concentration, blundering on the 26th move, allowing Nubair a deflection tactic and his first GM norm in due course.

Besides Akash and Nubair scoring their GM norms, Sammed Shete managed to complete his IM norm requirements after 9 rounds of play.

In the tenth and final round, Neelash Saha, Arjun Kalyan, and Kaustav Kundu need victories to complete their IM norm. 14-year-old Koustov Chatterjee, rated 2288, is already increasing 120 elo points. Tomorrow, playing the game will ensure an IM norm. Moreover, a draw against his opponent GM Adam Tukhaev is enough to seal his first GM norm.

Bangladeshi GM Ziaur Rahman managed to defeat Dutch GM Sergey Tiviakov rated 2583. The Dutchman attacked the Bangladeshi’s kingside with his knight, forgetting that the piece is undefended. Ziaur’s calm 43.Qb7+ picked a free piece and the game.

Rahman is the only player in the second place with 7.5/9. Eight players follow, tied on the third spot with 7.0/9.

In some other some upsets, Dhulipalla Bala Chandra Prasad managed to defeat the current Indian champion, GM Lalith Babu, M.R., while Commonwealth Champion Abhijeet Gupta rated 2610 went down in flames against IM Vignesh NR, rated 2470 after Gupta blundered in an advantageous position.

Grandmaster R.B Ramesh was present at the venue. [Photo: David Llada]


Round 10 on 2018/01/16 at 10:00 hrs

Bo. No. Name Rtg Pts. Result Pts. Name Rtg No.
1 1 GM Naiditsch Arkadij 2701 8 7 GM David Alberto 2553 12
2 8 GM Karthikeyan Murali 2580 7 GM Rahman Ziaur 2472 23
3 21 GM Horvath Adam 2484 7 7 Akash Pc Iyer 2415 35
4 28 IM Khusenkhojaev Muhammad 2462 7 7 GM Deviatkin Andrei 2471 24
5 26 IM Vignesh N R 2470 7 7 IM Mohammad Nubairshah Shaikh 2380 42
6 29 GM Czebe Attila 2458 GM Sengupta Deep 2586 6
7 7 GM Tiviakov Sergei 2584 GM Dzhumaev Marat 2434 32
8 71 Koustav Chatterjee 2288 GM Tukhaev Adam 2570 10
9 13 GM Sivuk Vitaly 2550 IM Harsha Bharathakoti 2451 30
10 16 GM Vaibhav Suri 2542 IM Dhulipalla Bala Chandra Prasad 2313 60