Hou Yifan Leads 5-3

Hou Yifan Leads 5-3

By Arvind Aaron

China’s Hou Yifan is sitting pretty in the World Women’s Chess Championship at Lviv in Ukraine.

After the eighth game on March 12, the Chinese player is leading the 10-match event by 5-3.

Hou Yifan needs a single draw from the last two games to wrest the title back from Mariya Muzychuk.

With black, Hou Yifan drew a queen pawn game in 44 moves after reaching a level minor piece ending.

Though without a win, Muzychuk is gaining rating from these six draws. Hou Yifan is losing rating despite winning two games.

Hou Yifan is expected to draw game nine and trigger celebration back in China.