Important Regulations to be noted

Important  Regulations to be noted

by all players / organizers / Arbiters / all Stake holders.

Please see below communication received from FIDE.  From 01st April, 2015, all players registered after 31 March, 2015 should have an email id.  Hence all organizers and arbiters to kindly note that tournaments without email id for newly registered players will not be rated.

” Dear Sirs,

New regulations for registration and licensing approved by PB4/2014 come to effect on 1st April. Please note that from 1st April, all new players registered must give an email address to be properly registered. That means all new (non-registered) players in tournaments that will be rated after March 31st have to have an email address. Failure to do so will mean that the tournament will not be rated.

Michalis Kaloumenos

Chairman of FIDE Online Commission