India Defeats Mongolia 3.5-0.5

India Defeats Mongolia 3.5-0.5
By Arvind Aaron

Lopsided results in the top board left the lead unchanged among the top teams at the World Youth Chess Olympiad in Mongolia. Leaders Iran, second placed India, Russia and Hungary recorded penultimate round wins as lead positions remained status quo on August 27, 2015.

India beat Mongolia with Vaishali ceding the solo draw to the hosts in the second board. Aravindh, Sai Vishwesh and Parab Ritviz won as India maintained the second spot with 14 points. Russia, Hungary also scored matching wins to reach 14 points.

Iran, the top seed and leaders, won on the white boards for a classic 3-1 win. They are leading with 16 points.

Fourth seed India faces fifth seed Belarus in the final round on Friday. A 2.5-1.5 win will be needed for a certain silver medal for the defending champions, India. Iran will need a draw or win to avoid tie-break scores. Their tie-break scores are also good to win. They are sitting pretty to win.