Indian Players Gained 2629 Elo!

Indian Players Gained 2629 Elo!
By Arvind Aaron

The trip to Porto Carras in Greece has benefited Indians immensely. Our 50 players have taken Elo rating points totalling Elo 2629.40 from their rivals in the eleven rounds. Extensive analysis have proven that Indian boys gained more than our girls but our girls won more titles.

We have heard visiting Grand Masters say that Indians are always under-rated in chess! Since a gain of 2629 is not small.

Indian boys gained 1674 Elo and this excludes the lone unrated player who obtained a 1450 rating to start with facing all rated opponents. Our boys lost just 37.50 and the gain recorded by the Indian boys come to Elo 1637.20.

Indian girls gained 1329.40 Elo and they lost 337.20 for a net gain of 992.20. Many girls tend to lose two games in a row. India had fielded 26 girls and 24 boys in this event. These numbers are not to compare boys with girls but to see how much rating has come into the country thanks to this enormous gigantic performance by our players.

The biggest single gainers among boys were Rishab Shah and Luke Mendonca both gaining 182 Elo. The biggest single gainers among girls were M Mahalakshmi 209 and Archi Agrawal 204.

Total of 1637.20 and 992.20 we get the net rating gain of the Indians: 2629.40.