Iwasa National Women Premier 09: Meenakshi surges ahead

(L) Meenakshi’s emphatic win over Nandhidhaa(R)

Report by I.A Vijayaraghavan V

Air India’s Meenakshi scored a crucial win over Nandhidhaa to take the lead with 6.5 points in the 9th round of IWASA 44th National Women Premier Chess Championship here at The Surat Tennis Club, Surat. The eventful 9th round saw both the leaders Padmini & Nandhidhaa losing to their opponents and Soumya missing to catch the bus in her loss against Bhakti, had put the championship wide open.

Nandhidhaa seeking a WGM Norm messed up her advantage allowing Meenakshi to sprung a knight sacrifice to win back a pawn. Despite Nandhidhaa’s queen side passer looked threatening the 4vs3 Rook ending play on the kingside by Meenakshi was a treat to watch. She made no mistake in notching a win and a half a point lead over others.

WGM Mary Ann Gomes beat her PSPB teammate IM Padmini Rout in an Queen ending of 45 moves. Mary initiated her queen knight pawn to put pressure on passive position of white’s bishop and won a pawn on 30th move. A passed rook pawn of black forced Padmini to resign. Mary should be relieved after missing wins in the previous 2 rounds against Bala Kannamma and Soumya Swaminathan.

WGM Kiran Manisha of LIC cup of woes continue when she succumbed to her 4th consecutive defeat today. Against her game with Bala Kannamma Kiran blundered by capturing a pawn which is taboo. Bala’s Queen and Rook completed the routine in 29 moves, against the uncastled king of Kiran.

WGM Swati Ghate took along her opponent WIM Sakshi Chitlange in a less popular line of Caro Kann to score in 30 moves. Not familiar with the pattern, Sakshi moved her Queen more often to get a decent play. Swati was blazing all her guns towards the uncastled black king when her opponent resigned avoiding heavy loss of material.

Soumya may have thrown her title chance, when she blundered in a clearly winning position against Bhakti Kulkarni of 38 moves. Soumya had 2 Rooks and 2 bishop against Queen & Knight of Bhakti. Bhakti tricked her by setting up a checkmate in an acute time pressure for both. Soumya unable to foresee the mate, messed up the correct defense and a crucial point. Bhakti moves on to joint second spot with 6 points.

The game between the new comers Samriddha Ghosh and Srishti Pandey ended in a 50 move draw. An unforced error by Srishti in exchanging the rooks put up her in tight corner of inferior knight ending. Samriddha gifted the favour back, when she misplayed the last few moves and draw was on cards.

Round 9 results
Bo. No. Rtg Name Result Name Rtg No.
1 5 2058 Bala Kannamma P 1 – 0 WGM Kiran Manisha Mohanty 2159 12
2 6 2277 WGM Swati Ghate 1 – 0 WIM Chitlange Sakshi 2248 4
3 7 2320 WGM Soumya Swaminathan 0 – 1 WGM Kulkarni Bhakti 2311 3
4 8 2324 IM Padmini Rout 0 – 1 WGM Gomes Mary Ann 2333 2
5 9 1988 Ghosh Samriddhaa ½ – ½ Pandey Srishti 1885 1
6 10 2190 WIM Nandhidhaa Pv 0 – 1 WGM Meenakshi Subbaraman 2165 11
Round 10 on 2017/12/05 at 10.00 AM
Bo. No. Rtg Name Result Name Rtg No.
1 12 2159 WGM Kiran Manisha Mohanty WGM Meenakshi Subbaraman 2165 11
2 1 1885 Pandey Srishti WIM Nandhidhaa Pv 2190 10
3 2 2333 WGM Gomes Mary Ann Ghosh Samriddhaa 1988 9
4 3 2311 WGM Kulkarni Bhakti IM Padmini Rout 2324 8
5 4 2248 WIM Chitlange Sakshi WGM Soumya Swaminathan 2320 7
6 5 2058 Bala Kannamma P WGM Swati Ghate 2277 6