Jennitha Anto Wins GOLD Medal for SIXTH Time in IPCA

K. Jennitha Anto Wins GOLD in the Women Section of the 19th IPCA World Individual Chess Championship-2019, held in SLOVAKIA at Ruzumberok from 27-06-2019 to 07-07-2019. She won the GOLD for the Sixth Time. In the history of IPCA out of the 19 Chess Championships Jennitha Anto won the championship sixth time and it becomes a world record of winning the title Sixth time in the IPCA world Chess Championship.

The Tournament attracted 44 Physically Disabled chess Players of Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Israel, India and Slovakia. Jennitha Anto being a wheel chair played in the FIDE A Category and almost all the players are international Rated players. Nearly 12title holders participated in this championship among them 5 IM’s 3 FM’s 2 WIM’s and 1 CM. More than15 wheel chair players participated. On the whole the tournament was a tough one. 20 Players are above 2000 elo Rated players.

In the nine round tournaments Jennitha Anto met top two seeded players and also the eighth and ninth seeded players she lost and other five rounds she won and got five points. Before the final round RUSSIAN player was leading by 1⁄2 point. In the last Round if she wins only she can get the title. With new idea of opening and her hard work she defeated her opponent and got 5 points and won the GOLD for the sixth time by this achievement she brings laurels to INDIA. Mr.Shashikant Kutwal got 7th place, he secured 6 points out of 9 rounds.

Final Ranking Women:

1. 2. 3.

WIM K.Jennitha Anto – IND – 5 points Gerasimova Svetlana – RUS – 4.5 points

WIM Kaydanovich Marina – RUS – 4 points