Mumbai Mayors Tropy International Grandmaster Open

Mumbai Mayors Tropy International Grandmaster Open

By Praful Zaveril

Close Finish on the Cards

The Mumbai Mayor’s International Chess Tournament is in for close finish as no less than 6 players have theoretical chances of winning the championship.

The contest between overnight leaders Laxman vs Priyadarshan&Krastiv vs 2nd placed GM Mchedlishvili ended in draws, which has helped them in maintaining their lead however, they were joined by three more players; Zubov Alexander, Nguyen DucLuka Paichadze. These players have registered a crucial win over HarshaBharathakoti, Pavel Smirnov&S Nitinrespectively.

The 10th and final round encounter between Zubov Alexander vs Nguyen Duc, Krastiv vs Priyadarshan and Laxman v/s Luka will decide the championship. The winner will become richer by Rs.3 Lakhs from a prize pool of Rs.11 Lakhs.

The event brought cheers for Indians as 17-year old Rohan Ahuja from Goa has achieved his 1st International Master norm.

The event is being sponsored by BrihanmumbaiMuniciapl Corporation and co-sponsored by LIC of India and is being hosted by the Goregaon Sports Club at their premises.

Key Results of Round 9:

Bo.   Name Pts. Result Pts.   Name
1 IM Priyadharshan K. 7 Drew 7 GM Laxman R.R.
2 GM Kravtsiv Martyn 7 Drew GM MchedlishviliMikheil
3 IM Swapnil S. Dhopade Drew GM Kokarev Dmitry
4 HarshaBharathakoti 6 Lost to 7 GM Zubov Alexander
5 GM Nguyen DucHoa 7 Beat 6 GM Smirnov Pavel
6 GM Paichadze Luka 7 Beat 6 IM Nitin S.
7 Sanjay N. 6 Drew 6 GM GagunashviliMerab
8 IM AzaladzeShota Beat GM Hossain Enamul
9 GM Abdulla Al-Rakib Beat Kulkarni Rakesh
10 FM K. Praneeth Surya 6 Drew 6 M Nubairshah Shaikh
11 IM PrasannaRaghuram Rao 6 Drew 6 CM PuranikAbhimanyu