Neelash Saha New Leader In Under-13

Neelash Saha New Leader In Under-13
By Arvind Aaron

Fifth seed Neelash Saha of Bengal has scored eight wins to wrest sole lead with 8/9 in the National Under-13 Chess Championship at Gurgaon on September 5, 2015.

In the second spot are four players on 7.5 points and it includes the top two seeds P Iniyan (TN), Saurabh Anand (Bih) besides Rahul Srivatshav (Tel) and Bhavik C Bharambe (Mah).

In round nine, Rahul Srivatshav pulled down previous leader Bhavik on the top board with the black pieces.

In the Girls section, Nutakki Priyanka of Andhra leads with 8/9 and is followed by 2 Vantika Agrawal (Del) 7.5, 3-4. Sudipa Haldar (WB), Anwesha Mishra (Odi) 7 each.

In round nine, the top five boards were drawn and leads remained unchanged as a result. Two rounds remain to be played in both sections.