Reykjavik Open 2015 on DDTV

India’s Largest  Television network  DOORDARSHAN  will telecast 4 Video Highlights of the Reykjavik Open 2015 on its DD Sports Channel . The Highlights Directed by Vijay Kumar will be telecast as under :

Ist Episode   Ist May 2015 from  2300 – 2330hrs [1730hrs GMT]
2ndEpisode  2nd Mayl 2015 from 2300 – 2330hrs [1730hrs GMT]
3rd Episode  3rd May 2015 from  2300 – 2330hrs [1730hrs GMT]
4th Episode  4th May 2015 from  2300 – 2330hrs [1730hrs GMT]

If you miss the telecast you can again watch them next morning from 1130 -1200 hrs IST

The telecast will be available on INSAT 4 B satellite’s FREE TO AIR PLATFORM having footprints in 48 Countries [in parts of] Europe, Middle East and South East Asia

Insat 4 B   Parameters

Frequency   POL      S/R     SYS Encript
C BAND        2725       H     27500      DVB -S FTH
KU Band       10990      V     28500      DBB -S FTH