Rules for Event

1. All the players must be registered with AICF. Please collect AICF registration fee of Rs.250/- for the year 201​5​ from each unregistered player. Also, kindly get the AICF player’s registration forms duly filled (including the photo) and signed by the unregistered players. If need be, you can down load the AICF players Registration form from our website:
​ ​
Further players who are below 25 years of their age must to produce the DOB certificate. Organizers are requested to check the DOB’s are registered with in one year of their birth. If any DOB was not registered with in one year of their birth, please don’t accept their entry (accordingly inform the AICF ).

The amount so collected should be remitted to AICF immediately on completion of the​ ​event. You will be given a user id and password by All India Chess Federation ([email protected] )and you are requested to upload the details of players registering with AICF server directly to

2. While preparing the list of players, for the purpose of first round pairing, the correct FIDE ID numbers of the rated players must be mentioned in the pairing software (Swiss Manager). Also, please mention the names of the rated players as they appear in the FIDE Rating List including their initials. You are required to copy and paste the names and fide id numbers from fide website, as this will avoid typographical errors.

3. At the end of the third round please send ​to the rating officer ([email protected]) with a copy to ​us​ ​the list of players with FIDE IDs and ​also the newl unrated players with their full surname and first name. ​We will create ​and send to you the ​new​​ FIDE IDs for all the unrated players. You can inform those unrated players to use their respective FIDE IDs in future events.

4. At the end of the proposed event you are requested to electronically send the following:
a) The Chief Arbiter’s brief report about the event in FIDE’s official format (IT3)

b) Prize Winner’s List

c) Final Standings and

d) All the back-up files of the event. (Kindly mention the FIDE Ids of

Arbiters in the Swiss Man​a​ger Back up file)​.​

5. Please take care to mention the floor rating (Lower Rating Threshold) as 1000 and please don’t accept players name without their date of birth and Email id​. If you have accepted the players name without date of birth ​and Email id ​ event will not ​be ​rated.

6. In the final reports that you send, see that the Federation Name (and not the District’s / State Name) is mentioned against each player. There is a separate column titled ‘Club’ in which the State’s name in abbreviation can be mentioned

7. Mention the gender and date of birth of all the players (rated as well as unrated). Mention​ the​ FIDE IDs, if any, for the players who had already taken part in any other fide rated tournament.

8. If all these reports / remittances are not received within 7 days from the date of completion of the tournament, you may have to pay a penalty of Euro 70 + bank transfer charges to FIDE .

9. All the remittances must be made by Demand Draft favouring “All India Chess Federation” payable at Chennai.

10. As per the AICF rule the entry fee should not be more than 1% of the total Prize Money.​ The cheque/demand draft for the entry fee should be drawn in favour of the academy or district association account and should not be in favour of individuals. ​

11. Also please send the following immediately at the end of the tournament:

a) A minimum of 4 photos of Inaugural Function and Prize Distribution Functions with captions
b) A descriptive tournament report which will include the following details

i. Prize Money
ii. Number of entries
iii. List of Prize winners / Special prizes
iv. The names of dignitaries who inaugurated the tournament and distributedthe prizes
v. All games in PGN format if it is available.