Russian grandmaster escapes with a draw

Russian grandmaster escapes with a draw
By Thirukalathy

Ram.S.Krishnan of BSNL had a 29 move draw with Russian GM GrachevBoris in the second  round of Sakthi Group sponsored 8th Chennai open Grand Masters open chess tournament for Dr.N.Mahalingam Trophy, organized by Tamilnadu state chess association held at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium,Chennai today.

Ram.S.Krishnan opened his game with English opening then converted into grunfeld.On 20th move he cleverly captured a pawn of Boris. Having doubled pawn structure, less by one pawn and only one minute on his clock the Russian GM Boris immediately accepted the  draw offered by  Ram.S.Krishnan.

Some Important results of Round 2:

Bo.   Name FED Pts Res. Pts   Name FED
1 Ram S. Krishnan IND 1.5  Drew with 1.5 GM Grachev Boris RUS
2 GM Popov Ivan RUS 2 beat 1 Shreyansh Daklia IND
3 GM Demchenko Anton RUS 2  Beat 1 Phoobalan P. IND
4 IM Hegde Ravi Gopal IND 1  Lost to 2 GM Solodovnichenko Yuri UKR
5 GM Sivuk Vitaly UKR 2  Beat 1 Sekar B IND
6 Hirthickkesh Pr IND 1  Lost to 2 GM Mozharov Mikhail RUS
7 IM Ramnathan Balasubramaniam IND 1  Lost to 2 GM Tukhaev Adam UKR
8 GM Bernadskiy Vitaliy UKR 2  beat 1 Surendran N IND
9 IM Chakravarthi Reddy M IND 1 Lost to 2 GM Gabrielian Artur RUS
10 GM Ernst Sipke NED 2 beat 1 Vignesh B IND
11 FM Praggnanandhaa R IND 1  Lost to 2 GM Neverov Valeriy UKR