School Championship at Russia – Interested Schools to apply – before 08 May 2019 to AICF

International School Chess Championship at Russia from 1 to 11 June, 2019 – Interested Schools may kindly apply

At the request of the Russian Chess Federation and on behalf of the International School Chess Union, All India Chess Federation has been  requested to send one school team from one country to take part in a big children’s celebration – the International tournament of the school teams “White Castle” which is held to Sochi from June 1 to June 11, 2019.

The Main School team has been selected as per our circular dated March 09, 2019.  In addition to the Main school team, the organizer have shown interest to add one more team from India.

Interested school can apply for the 2nd team.  Please see the regulations given below

  1. Each team should consist of 5 people: 4 players (at least 1 girl should be included), born in 2005 and later, and 1 Coach;
  2. For more details please refer the event regulations here : REGULATIONS_2019
  3. All the 4 players should belong to the same school and should be in the school rolls before 01 September, 2018
  4. Teams consisting of pupils up to 14 years of age (year of birth 2005 or later) from one school can take part in all stages of the Tournament. The pupils must have been admitted to their schools no later than 1 September 2018.
  5. Team composition: 5 people, including 4 players (at least 1 girl) and 1 coach–team representative. One of the players is a captain.
  6. Entries are requested from Schools along with the ELO rating of their best 4 players.
  7. The school having highest average rating of the 4 players will be recommended for participation in Russia.
  8. The school management will be responsible for airfare, visa charges, kit and all other connected expenses with the trip.
  9. Last date for submitting the form to AICF before 08 May,2019

Please find official Regulations in English and the application form (Click here to download Regulations ). Please fill out the application form and send it to All India Chess Federation [email protected]

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