Senior Arbiter Examination at Mysore

Senior Arbiter Examination at Mysore, 

As per FIDE rules from 01.01.2013 onwards, all FIDE Rated tournaments and Grandmaster tournaments should have only licensed Arbiters.

Only the three categories of Arbiters – IA, FA & Senior Arbiter will be recognized as technical officials to conduct FIDE rated tournaments by AICF. As per AICF decision, all the arbiters have to register with AICF with annual fee of Rs.1000/-. Henceforth, only those arbiters who are registered with AICF and subsequently with FIDE are being allowed to participate in tournaments as technical officials.

On behalf of the All India Chess Federation, United Karnataka Chess Association and Mysore Chess Center will be organising a Senior Arbiter Examination at Mysore, at 02.00 PM on Thursday, 29th September 2016. However, the UKCA will conduct a doubt clearing session for the benefit of aspiring arbiters from 09.00 AM to 01.00 PM on the day of the examination.

Interested persons, who have completed 18 years of age, may kindly send the attached registration form filled and duly forwarded by their respective state association along with a fee of Rs.4000/- by Demand Draft favouring All India Chess Federation payable at Chennai. The same may be sent to All India Chess Federation, 70, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Periamet, Chennai – 600 003, on or before 21st September 2016. Please be informed that you will attend the examination at your own cost including boarding & lodging.

Course material for the examination may be downloaded from the website and participants are requested to come prepared for the examination.

Organizers    :  United Karnataka Chess Association and Mysore Chess Center

Resource person for doubt clearing session: Prof.R. Anantharam IA, Chairman, Arbiters’ Commission, AICF

Date      :  29/09/2016

Venue   :  DasaprakashParadiseYadavaGiri, Mysore,Karnataka State.

Contact persons:

  1. Nagendra Muralidhar, Director, Mysore Chess Centre

e-mail: [email protected]         Phone: +91 81238 19220

  1. AravindSastry, Secretary, UKCA         e-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +91 96118 32665




Model Question paper

List of successful candidates  –  published on 17 October, 2016

The following arbiters are requested to complete their AICF registration immediately, to obtain FIDE license, please contact AICF.

S.No Name FIDE ID DOB G State
1 Mahesh Balaji Rao Rampure 45063818 3/2/1996 M Karnataka
2 Darshan V P S 5044855 31/5/1993 M Karnataka
3 Rajeev Bhat 35052535 15/2/1971 M Karnataka
4 Babu J Poojary 5090288 20-Jul-72 M Karnataka
5 Karthik R 20/4/1993 M Karnataka
6 Kedar Umesh Vaze 5044936 22-Feb-94 M Karnataka
7 Manjunath Jain 5008298 4/29/1978 M Karnataka
8 Sheshashayan MV 35021095 31-Jan-94 M Karnataka
9 Sakshath UK 5067324 30-Mar-96 M Karnataka
10 Soundarya UK 22-Apr-90 F Karnataka
11 Abhilash T 3/6/1991 M Karnataka
12 Meenakshi MS 27-Nov-65 F Karnataka
13 Sanjay Sindhia MH 505479 3-May-86 M Karnataka
14 Lakshmi N 25666401 16/10/1971 F Karnataka
15 Arun D 25092480 26/4/1998 M Karnataka
16 Chandresh  Kakkad 35046250 19-Dec-67 M Gujarat
17 Sudhir S 2-Nov-73 M Karnataka
18 Chethan M S 45062838 12/29/1995 M Karnataka
19 Rahul Mayur Sharma 25093754 17-Oct-78 M Karnataka
20 Vijay Kumar R 24-Apr-76 M Karnataka
21 Gourav Kumar Ray 13-Feb-95 M Maharashtra
22 Nikhil Yashwant Joshi 35066676 27-Oct-90 M Maharashtra
23 Jyothi P 10/2/1990 F Karnataka
24 Sripad Hegde 5053420 27/3/1963 M Karnataka
25 Chandra Shekar D 22/4/1961 M Karnataka
26 Mohit Dinkar Ladhe 25056718 11-Jan-85 M Maharashtra
27 Supriya Reddy 19/02/1977 F Karnataka
28 Sushruta Reddy 5039100 10-May-81 M Karnataka
29 Aditya K 6-Feb-91 M Karnataka
30 Raghavendra M V 45051518 8/24/1984 M Karnataka
31 Shaji K 46621598 15/3/1968 M Kerala
32 Amitanand M Kori 25087177 8/6/1989 M Karnataka
33 Cheela Ramesh 35025112 AP
34 Naveen A J 31/12/1987 M Karnataka
35 Suresh J 12-May-67 M Karnataka
36 Hariharan Subramony 5044600 5-Nov-63 M Karnataka
37 Suresh Babu M H 45028320 23/8/1976 M Karnataka
38 Krishnan R 11-May-60 M Tamil Nadu
39 Upendra K 5054370 1/6/1961 M Karnataka
40 Guruvayurappan EG 21-Feb-66 M Karnataka
41 Aranganathan C 26-May-83 M Tamil Nadu