Senior Arbiter Examination held at Mizoram

Senior Arbiter Examination held at Mizoram

As per FIDE rules from 01.01.2013 onwards, all FIDE Rated tournaments and Grandmaster tournaments should have only licensed Arbiters.

Only the three categories of Arbiters – IA, FA & Senior Arbiter will be recognized as technical officials to conduct FIDE rated tournaments by AICF.

On behalf of the All India Chess Federation, Mizoram Chess Association organized  Senior Arbiter Examination at Aizawl, at 02.00 PM on Thursday, 03rd November 2016.  Mizoram Chess Association has also organized doubt clearing session for the benefit of aspiring arbiters from 09.00 AM to 01.00 PM on the day of the examination.

Arbiters who have passed the exam are requested to register with AICF as arbiter by paying annual fee of Rs.1000/-. Arbiters who are registered with AICF and subsequently with FIDE are being allowed to participate in tournaments as technical officials.

No. Name State
1 Tarun Jyoti Gogoi Assam
2 Robert Runremmawia Mizoram
3 Madhab Saikia Assam
4 Lalchhuanawima K Mizoram
5 Lallianmanga Mizoram
6 Lalthazama Mizoram
7 Lalremmawai K Mizoram
8 Kawlthanzama Mizoram
9 Lallianthanga PC Mizoram
10 Rickie Lalramdina Mizoram
11 Thangchungnunga Mizoram
12 Pahlira Mizoram


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