Seven Indians In World Cup 2017

By Arvind Aaron

FIDE has announced a list of 128 players for the World Cup 2017. It includes seven Indians.

Viswanathan Anand (from ratings)
Pentala Harikrishna (from ratings)
S.P. Sethuraman (from Continental 2016)
Deep Sengupta (from Continental 2016)
Karthikeyan Murali (Zone 3.7)
Vidit Gujrathi (from Continental 2017)
Baskaran Adhiban (FIDE nominee)

This 128-player knock out event will take place at Tbilisi in Georgia from September 2-27, 2017.

Five time former world champion Viswanathan Anand has played in these events before. He and Harikrishna are selected from the 2016-2017 ratings.

National champion Karthikeyan Murali is selected as India is a separate FIDE Zone and the champions automatically gets in.

Sethuraman and Deep Sengupta are from the Asian Continentals of 2016 and Vidit Gujrathi is from the Asian Continentals of 2017.

Adhiban is one of the five FIDE nominees. One of the other four nominees is Hou Yifan of China.