Third Win For Adhiban At Wijk aan Zee

By Arvind Aaron

Former Indian and world Under-16 champion B Adhiban of India is making merry in the 79th edition of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament at Wijk aan Zee in the Netherlands.

In the 14-player Group ‘A’ event, the bottom rated Indian player is making huge waves. His list of wins includes three 2700+ rated opponents. First scalp was the challenger Sergey Karjakin, followed by Radoslaw Wojtaszek and now Dmitry Andreikin.

Adhiban played a new opening every game! He had drawn the leader Wesley So playing the King’s Gambit! Against Andreikin he utilised the Vienna Game. One thing is common: he attacked and played positively in every game.

Sadly, he suffered one loss, against Harikrishna, his fellow countryman. Adhiban shares the fourth place with 4.5 points. Five rounds remain to be played.

Welsey So leads with 5.5/8 after registering three wins in a row against Rapport, Van Wely and Harikrishna. Carlsen suffered a defeat to Hungary’s Rapport and is quiet in the middle of the pack.

Standings after eight rounds: 1 Wesley So (USA) 5.5/8; 2-3. Pavel Eljanov (Ukr), Wei Yi (Chn) 5 each; 4-7. B Adhiban (Ind), L Aronian (Arm), S Karjakin (Rus), Magnus Carlsen (Nor) 4.5 each; 8-9. Pentala Harikrishna (Ind), Anish Giri (Ned) 4 each; 10-11. Radoslaw Wojtaszek (Pol), Dmitry Andreikin (Rus) 3.5 each; 12-13. Richard Rapport (Hun), Ian Nepomniachtchi (Rus) 3 each; 14 Loek Van Wely (Ned) 1.5.