Two Uninteresting Draws In New York

Two Uninteresting Draws In New York
By Arvind Aaron

The chess world had got two games, both lacking the thrilling games that world championships can produce. In the first game, Magnus Carlsen of Norway tried the Trompowsky with white and found no advantage.

In the second game, the Ukraine born Sergey Karjakin played the Ruy Lopez with white and after a new 13th move, the game was waiting to be drawn by move 20 itself. Finally, at move 33, it was drawn in a rook and knights ending. The 12-game series is tied 1-1 after two games. Monday will see the third game.

Carlsen who unseated Anand in 2013 at Chennai kept his title against the Indian in Sochi 2014. This is his third world championship match for this player from Norway. It is the maiden match for Sergey Karjakin.

The first player to reach 6.5 points will win this 12-game match. Carlsen, 25, battles Karjakin, 26 at Fulton Market Building in New York. The 1995 venue of the Anand v Kasparov match was the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan which was destroyed by terrorists in September 11, 2001.

The per game spectator ticket costs USD 75 and is about INR 5000. Unless the games are going to get more exciting or decisive results happen, a lot of these seats are going to be unsold.

The World Championship match is organised by Agon Ltd, the official partner of FIDE. FIDE runs World Chess Championship matches from 1948 onwards using the untimely death of then champion Alexander Alekhine. World Championship matches run from 1886 while FIDE was formed in 1924.

Both players are born in 1990. Karjakin in Jan 12 and Carlsen on Nov 30. Carlsen’s known trainer is Peter H Nielsen. Karjakin moved from Ukraine to Russia in 2009 to use the services of noted trainer GM Yuri Dokhoian when Kasparov retired from competitive chess.

Although Carlsen is seen as a favourite, the chess world would go with an underdog like always. After Anand unseated Kramnik, Russian hold over the world title was lost. They are now hoping their wish would be filled through Karjakin.