WYCC 2017 Rd.06 &07: Mitrabha, Rajdeep and Sakshi score brilliant victories!

Indian players scored 11.5 points out of 18 in 6th round – remarkable wins scored by Mitrabha, Rajdeep and Sakshi!

It was quite a hectic day today as there were 2 rounds to be played and the timings were 9.30 to 2.30 and 5 to 10 pm. Especially even more hectic as there was “Rest day” yesterday. Though the organizers had planned a picnic for all the players, hardly anyone could join due to a prolonged spell of thundershowers.

However, in the “Blitz” tournament organized in the evening, Arjun Erigaisi became the clear winner of the event. Sai Vishwesh bagged the 3rd prize.

Karthik who had a dream run so far suffered a setback in the 6th round and that would certainly put his medal aspirations in shaky condition. However, it was a good comeback for Sakshi Chitlange in Girl’s Under 18 as she had lost two consecutive games.

Koustav Chatterjee has moved to 2nd position in Under 14 Open Section by scoring 3 wins in a row. In the 7th round he defeated Daniel Kopylov of Germany. Playing with black pieces Koustav had opted for Sicilian Defense but the game got converted to French – King’s Indian Attack closed variation. Koustav attacked white’s queenside and won the exchange with nice combinative play. Thereafter it was quite an easy task to force the resignation of his German counterpart in hardly 30 moves.

Karthik Venkatramana bounced back to win the 7th round and keep his medal hopes alive. Also assuring victory was recorded by Sakshi Chitlange and she took her points tally to 5. Rajdeep Sarkar who was

Rajdeep Sarkar who was just ½ point behind the leader played on TOP board in the 7th round and had a golden chance to catch up with the leader by scoring over him. However, Rajdeep couldn’t break the fortress set by his little fancied opponent – Stoleriu George of Romania.

Sakshi scored her 2nd consecutive win and her opponent was quite an highly rated player – Di Benedetto Desi from Italy.  Sakshi faced Queens Gambit Declined variation against her d4 opening and played very methodically to outplay her experienced opponent.

Points scored by Indian players after 7th round:

Under 14 Open:

1. Erigaisi Arjun – 5.5 points

2. Koustav Chatterjee – 6 points

3. Anuj Shrivatri – 4.5 points

Under 14 Girls:

1. Mrudul Dehankar – 4.5 points

2. L. Jyotsna – 5 points

3. Jishita D – 5 points

4. Saina Salonika – 4.5 points

Under 16 Open:

1. Mitrabha Guha – 4.5 points

2. Rajdeep Sarkar – 5.5 points

3. Vatsal Singhania – 4 points

Under 16 Girls:

1. Meenal Gupta – 4.5 points

2. Harshita Guddanti – 4 points

3. Toshali V – 3.5 points

Under 18 Open:

1. Karthik Venkatraman – 5 points

2. Sai Vishwesh – 3.5 points

3. Kaustuv Kundu – 4.5 points

Under 18 Girls:

1. Sakshi Chitlangi – 5 points

2. Arpita Mukherjee – 4 points