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1. AICF / FIDE Registration

By mistake I wrongly renewed another player’s id, what to do?

Please send the payment proof, we will correct the mistake.

How can I change my FIDE flag to Indian and explain the procedure?

Send a request to AICF to change the flag. Necessary FIDE fee is applicable (please refer FIDE website).

How to register with AICF, whether it is compulsory to register with state/district?

By online. Many state associations expect the players to be registered with them also, while registering with AICF, kindly check with your State Associations.

I am a rated player and did not play in any rated tournament for a few years. I do not remember my fide id and I do not find my name in the fide rating list.

Please let us know the name of the tournaments you have participated recently(if the rating has gone below 1000, the player will become unrated).

I have already done my AICF registration. Please let me know the status of my FIDE id. I have to play in a rated tournament soon.

AICF will take 3 working days to create FIDE id, please send a mail to AICF with Subject: FIDE ID CREATION and we will do it asap.

I have done my AICF registration online.My registration is still pending. Please look into it. (I have paid money online. The amount has been debited from my account but not showing necessary credit in the system?)

Please send your transaction id and date to do the needful.

I have paid my player registration/Arbiter registration twice, Is it possible to adjust the excess amount paid for next year ?

We don’t have any option to adjust the money for the next year. However, we can return the extra money paid by you. Please share your bank details to process necessary refund.

I have two FIDE ids what to do?

Send the details of both the FIDE Ids to with a copy to After the payment of necessary fees the performance of both the Ids will be merged and one FIDE Id will be deleted. FIDE will charge Euros 50 for the same.

I register through FIDE online arena, can I participate in rating tournament, if yes, what is the procedure. If no, Why?

Yes, you can participate in rating tournament with your online arena FIDE Id. In case if you are a Indian citizen, AICF players registration is mandatory

My photo is wrong in AICF / FIDE.

Send your correct photo to mentioning your AICF & FIDE Id for correcting the same.

2. Rating & Titles

How do I get rating?

For unrated players’ the International Rating can be obtained by playing in FIDE rated tournaments .For criteria and procedure to get a rating kindly see the link:

I have completed my IM/GM/WGM/WIM/FA/IA title requirements. What is the fee and what are the papers to be submitted?

The fee for the Title application is subject to change based on FX rates. Please write a mail to AICF and confirm the amount to be paid. Regarding submission of norms, all the norm certificates, cross table (for GM/IM/WGM/WIM) or IT3 (for IA/FA) with duly filled title page (application) should be forwarded through your state chess association for consideration.

My K-factor is wrong.

Till your age is below 18 and the rating is below 2300 your K factor will be For the players above 18 years of age, once the player played 30 rated games the K-factor will be automatically changed. If there is any other problem, Please let us know your FIDE id and Date of birth

My rating is wrong in the fide website. What I should do?

Send your details with FIDE Id, the event participated and a brief report on what basis you think that the rating was wrong.

3. Tournament Related

For World Cadet Rapid/blitz and some other events, there are no corresponding Nationals. Please enrol my entry. I will pay the necessary fees.

Players who have participated in the corresponding age group National Chess Championships will be allowed to take part in the FIDE events.

I have not participated in the last year National championship due to school exam/illness/calamity etc. Please allow me to take part in the Asian/World/Commonwealth etc.

It is subject to approval of the Hon. Secretary, please send a mail to AICF.

Is it compulsory to take part in state championships in order to participate in Nationals?

Many state associations have such a rule. To participate in Nationals, recommendation from the State is compulsory.

4. Foreign Travel

I have not received my T.A./D.A./Visa fee for my travel in the year….. I have submitted all accounts for reimbursement long back.

Please let us know the name of event and amount, we shall check with our records and accordingly process the necessary refund.

5. Other Questions

I have called AICF office several times over phone but there is no proper response.

Please send your query by email under subject IMPORTANT QUERY. It will be answered within 2 working days.

I have given my apology letter but my name is not cleared from the CAI list and still reflecting in the system.

Please forward the mail/copy of the letter by mail to do the needful on priority.

Please send AICF chronicle to my address, I will the pay the fee.

You can download AICF chronicle from our website No Printed chronicles are available.