AICF Central Council Meeting on 04.01.2015

AICF Central Council Meeting was held on 04.01.2015.  Here are the important decisions taken during that meeting.


  1. The AICF Central Council accepts the recommendations of the High Power Committee to solve Assam problem. The following decisions were taken:
    1. Fresh Elections to be held for the All Assam Chess Association before 31st March 2015.
    2. All the district associations which existed and affiliated to All Assam Chess Association as on 31st March, 2014 to be allowed to continue as members of the General Body of All Assam Chess Association. The list of the members to be approved by the AICF.
    3. The last date for submitting the Annual Subscription to be 01st March 2015. (Those already paid to be exempted)
    4. The date of election to be 29th March, 2015.
    5. Meeting notice to be issued on or before 07th March, 2015.
    6. The list of members to accompany the election meeting notice
    7. The last date for filing nominations 04.00 PM on 18th March, 2015.
    8. The last date for withdrawal 04.00 PM on 20th March, 2015.
    9. The list of candidates to be announced at 05.00 PM on 20th March, 2015.
    10. Mr.Arindam Barua, Chairman North East Committee, to nominate the Election Officer in consultation with Hon. Secretary, AICF and the AICF will depute an observer. In case Mr.Arindam Barua decides to contest, the AICF will name the Election Officer.
    11. It was also decided to allow the existing office bearers (elected on 23rd August, 2014) to continue to serve the All Assam Chess Association till the elections.
  2. To organise India – China Summit Clash 2015 at Hyderabad from 01st to 10th March, 2015.
  3. Since adverse reports have been filed by the Chief Arbiter of the World Youth Chess Championship held at Durban, South Africa against FA Jyothi Ganesh Inaganti and FA Amarnath Inaganti, it was decided that till such time the above two arbiters improve their knowledge they will not be posted as Chief Arbiters in any tournament.
  4. The Central Council decided that the rating restricted tournaments could be organised within three months after organising the open tournament which should be organised first. No postponement under any circumstances will be given. All other Rules governing such tournaments remain the same.
  5. A committee with Mr.Kishor Bandekar (Goa) as Chairman is formed to implement uniform financial regulations for all state associations.
  6. The Central Council decided that all State Associations should bear the cost of travelling of their selected / seeded players while representing their states in various Nationals.
  7. To conduct Arbiters’ refresher course to all the Arbiters who are likely to serve as Chief Arbiters and Deputy Chief Arbiters in 2015. Attendance to this course will be compulsory.
  8. To conduct Arbiters’ Workshop for all the Chief Arbiters and Deputy Chief Arbiters who are nominated for the National Championships during 2015.
  9. It was decided to implement Payment Gateway to help Registration of players faster.
  10. It was decided to allow players in the “above restricted” tournaments, if at any time their career rating is above the stipulation. For example if the tournament is for players with ELO 1800 above, the player is eligible if at any time he/she had crossed ELO 1800 even if their current rating is below 1800.