Anand starts with three draws

Anand Starts With Three Draws

BY Arvind Aaron

Former five time world chess champion Viswanathan Anand started with three draws in Norway Chess 2015.

After starting with a draw against Caruana, Anand drew Anish Giri with black and now again drew Grischuk with the white pieces.

In the fourth round, Anand faces Carlsen also with the white pieces. Anand is on 1.5/3 while Carlsen is on 0.5/3 after a  nightmare start. He was defeated by Topalov and Caruana in the first two rounds. In the third, he drew Anish Giri after reaching a better position.

A world champion starting with two defeats is not new. Kasparov lost two games to Kramnik and Anand in Mainz and drew Ivanchuk in the next. Carlsen lost to Topalov on time and Caruana in the next.

Six rounds remain to be played in this 10-player super category event.

The standings after three rounds: 1-2. Nakamura, Topalov 2.5/3 each; 3 Giri 2; 4-6. Anand, Vachier-Lagrave, Caruana 1.5 each; 7-9. Grischuk, Hammer, Aronian 1 each; 10 Carlsen 0.5.