Anand starts with two draws at Baden

World champion and top seed Viswanathan Anand started with two draws in the Grenke Chess Classic at Baden-Baden in Germany on February 8, 2013.
In the six player double all-play-all, Anand drew Adams with the black pieces in the opening game without problems. The players were left with a rook and two pawns each when a draw was agreed upon.
In the second round on Friday, Anand drew Fabiano Caruana of Italy, world No.13 ranked player. Caruana is only 20 and a fast improving player.
After 40 moves, Anand as white and Caruana as black were left with opposite colour bishops and three pawns on the same side. Anand extra pawn in the middlegame from a closed Ruy Lopez was taken back by the Italian who threatened mate and played resourcefully.
Caruana leads the event with 1.5 points from two games. Anand and others are on one point each. Arkady Naiditch is enjoying an extra
pawn and if he defeats Adams in round two, he can join Caruana. Eight rounds remain to be played in this contest which will conclude on February 17.
Playing at Baden-Baden is more like home to the Indian who represents the local team Baden-Baden in the Bundesliga. It is an event between the players who represent Baden-Baden but qualifies to be super category 19 by rating.