Carlsen Levels Score At 5-5

Carlsen Levels Score At 5-5

Challenger Sergey Karjakin of Russia played for more with the black pieces in game ten and paid the price. His 75-move defeat cost him the lead and World No.1 Magnus Carlsen has staged a comeback.

The scores at New York are level at 5-5 with two games still to be played. Friday is a rest day and game eleven resumes on November 26, 2016.

Carlsen’s unimpressive opening display continued and Karjakin equalised with ease by move 20. On move 20, Karjakin had a draw in hand with 20…Nxf2 but he played an alternate line hoping to get more than equality.

The game was level from the 4.d3 Ruy Lopez variation. Karjakin’s resistance failed on move 56 when a mistake cost him the game. Carlsen broke through and won a double rook and knight ending. Endings are Carlsen’s cup of tea. He converted this advantage into a valuable point after six and a half hours of play.

The match is in balance but Carlsen has a mild edge having had the last taste of victory. Karjakin may have lost the important game of his career. Practically, he is very much in the match. Scores tied, he needs to win one game and draw another to join the unique league of world chess champions.