India set to be No.1 by 2016-2017

India_FlagThe number of Indians in the FIDE rating file is ever climbing. The number in the February 2013 rating list is a massive 29550. In 2013-2014, India should surpass that of Spain and by 2016-2017 should get ahead of France. The Indian rise is steep unlike France and Spain which are also growing but modestly.
India is a hot destination for chess. There is non-stop chess tournaments happening in the land of the world champion Viswanathan Anand. India is also the land in which chess was born.
Who are above and below India? Above are France 33374 and Spain 30222 and below are Germany 25945 and Russia 25224. The activity of the All India Chess Federation since 2005 has been player friendly and it is a role model organisation for other nations to follow.
One might think if other English speaking nations would have more numbers. USA has 9241, England has 3425 on the FIDE rating file. On the Asian front, Iran has 8169 and China 1169.
What are these numbers? The FIDE rating file is an indicator of things that are brewing. A rating event produces rated players and other players who do not get ratings remain in the file. It simply indicates activity.
The larger the number of players, greater the possibility to create champions. The new numbers point to more champions after Anand. The World Youth Chess Championship success is also another healthy indicator of things to happen in Indian chess.
Many of the Indians are playing cricket and chess. Most of the Europeans are following football and tennis. In the Americas, it is
basketball, baseball and ice hockey which are dominant.
Indian nature and mindset are also tailor made for success in chess. These numbers are due to the good platform set by the All India Chess Federation for the players to excel in this sport.