India Wins Eight Gold In Asian Schools Championships

India Wins Eight Gold In Asian Schools Championships
By Arvind Aaron

Indians won eight out of the 14 sections in the Asian School Chess Championships that concluded at Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka on September 5, 2013.

Indians did not win many sections since we did not have players in all sections! This event attracted low attention from Asian nations and only have a dozen of them took part. Some sections had exclusively Sri Lankan players. Still, it was Asian Championship!

Our tally in classical chess was 8 gold, four silver. Hikkaduwa has a lovely beach on the Indian Ocean.

The Sri Lankan Chess Federation is one of the active bodies after the All India Chess Federation in Asia. Further details can be had on this website or from

The event followed the same pattern of the Asian Youth Chess Championship. First rapid event, then classical followed by blitz.

Indian medal winners in classical:

Open Under-17: Akash PC Iyer (gold) 7/7.
Under-15 Girls: V Varshini (gold) 8/9.
Open Under-13: Siva Mahadevan (silver) 7/9.
Under-13 Girls: Hilmi Parveen (gold) 8.5/9.
Open Under-9: R Raja Rithvik (gold) 8/9.
Open Under-9: Karthik Kumar Pradeep (silver) 7/9.
Open Under-7: Nikhil Magizhnan (gold) 8/9.
Under-7 Girls: Sanskruti Wankhade (gold) 9/9.
Open Under-5: Nikhil Ramakrishnan (gold) 8.5/9.
Open Under-5: Ananth Ramdas (silver) 7/9.
Under-5 Girls: Saee Patil (gold) 5/7.
Under-5 Girls: Shraddha Somanath (silver) 5/7.