Lalith Babu Helps India Level Scores

Lalith Babu Helps India Level Scores
By Arvind Aaron

M.R. Lalith Babu of Vijayawada helped India level the scores against China. He defeated Wang Chen with the black pieces in round two to help India win 2.5-1.5. After two rounds, the series is tied 4-4 with six rounds or 24 games still to be played.

India and China are playing a four a side Scheveningen system match with each player facing the rival twice, once with white and once with black.

In the top board, Adhiban could only draw with white against World No.14 ranked Ding Liren. In a rook ending, Adhiban had to fight and get a draw after 70 moves with the white pieces.

In the other two games, Wei Yi-Sethuraman and Sasikiran-Zhou Jianchao ended in draws.In the third round, Sasikiran faces up Wang Chen, the lowest rated Chinese and could look for his first victory.

Lalith Babu won a piece against Wang Chen but was able to cash the point in a touch and go ending after 59 moves. Lalith Babu played the Caro-Kann and his opponent went for the two knights variation. Chances for both sides opened up in the opposite coloured bishop ending. Game became lively. Lalith Babu raced ahead by one move to win the game.

Lalith Babu works for Indian Oil and along with Ding Liren has scored 1.5/2.  Adhiban and Wang Chen are on 0.5/2 and the rest of the players are on one out of two. This India v China Summit Class is happening at Hyderabad and can be followed at