World Junior Chess Championships Round 3

 World Junior Chess Championship 2019-Round 3

Smooth sailing for the favourites

The third round of the World Junior Chess Championships being held at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel ,New Delhi did not feature many upsets and the favourites had a relatively easy outing.

The first board encounter between IM Khanin Semen from Russia and GM Sargsyan Shant from Armenia was a mostly uneventful game which petered out into a draw while the second board witnessed good technique by GM Shtembuliak Evgeny of Ukraine  as he managed to beat IM Drygalov Sergey of Russia.

Praggnanandhaa R

The third board match-up between English IM Haria Ravi and Indian prodigy GM Praggnanandhaa R was a thrilling encounter in which Praggnanandha sacrificed a piece for a kingside attack but ultimately had to settle for a draw by perpetual check.On the fourth board,GM Santos Ruiz Miguel of Spain convincingly outplayed his lower rated opponent,FM Amartuvshin Ganzorig of Mongolia.

Santos Ruiz Miguel

Among the Indians,GM Karthikeyan Murali beat FM Aaryan Varshney while GM Kollars Dmitrij of Germany was held to a draw by IM Raghunandan Kaumandur Srihari.

Karthikeyan Murali

In the girls’ section,things were a bit different as the top boards witnessed a few upsets.On the first board,WIM Alinasab Mobina of Iran  beat Berdnyk Mariia of Ukraine in a one-sided encounter while the second board witnessed a smooth victory by WIM Priyanka Nuttaki of India over WIM Dordzhieva Dinara of Russia in which Priyanka playing with the black pieces grabbed a pawn in the opening and held onto it throughout the game to register an easy victory.

Priyanka Nuttaki

The third board encounter between two upcoming Indian talents,WCM Mrudul Dehankar and WIM Rakshitta Ravi ended in a draw.

Important results(Open)

Khanin Semen(RUS) drew with Sargsyan Shant(ARM);Shtembuliak Evgeny(UKR) beat Drygalov Sergey(RUS);Haria Ravi(ENG) drew with Praggnandhaa R(IND);Amartuvshin Ganzorig(MGL) lost to Santos Ruiz Miguel(ESP);Karhtikeyan Murali(IND) beat Aaryan Vasrshney(IND).


Alinasab Mobina(IRI) beat Berdnyk Mariia(UKR);Dordhzieva Dinara(RUS) lost to Priyanka Nuttaki(IND);Mrudul Dehankar(IND) drew with Rakshitta Ravi(IND);Cervantes Landeiro Thalia(USA) lost to Alantuya Boldbaatar(MGL);Arpita Mukherjee(IND) beat Avetisyan Mariam(ARM)