Respectful Tribute to P .T. UMMERKOYA EVER LIVING SOUL

We pay our respectful homage to late Ummer Koya on his first death anniversary.

He occupied the AICF office as Joint Secretary and General Secretary between 1985-89 and 1989-2005 respectively for a total of 20 years.

Indian chess achieved glorious heights during his tenure. He was instrumental in establishing age category chess championships at the National and world level. He set standards in the organization of chess Tournaments in India.

He himself a good player and Arbiter displayed fine administration skills. He was elected Vice President of the World Chess Federation (FIDE), President of the Commonwealth Chess Association, and Chairman of the Youth Committee of FIDE.

He organized a lot of International Chess events in India including world Chess Championship matches in 1994 at Sangli Nagar and Knock out series of World Chess Championship at Delhi in the Year 2000. As an International Chess organizer, his valuable contribution to the game of chess will be remembered for the years in the Chess fraternity.

‘ I, can’t believe Ummer Koya has left this world. When he had told someone that he had very little time left here about a year before his death that he said with a characteristic smile. No one believed that too. He knew he had to go but he was never sad. That was what made him different from others very philosophical and down to earth. A great friend and sincere to the core. He used to take criticism with an open mind. Salute to ever-living soul’ Bharat Singh Chauhan