Rules for recognition of tournaments in addition to existing rules :

a) AICF as the National Federation for the game of Chess in India, and being declared as the Public Authority, maintains basic standards, norms and procedures with regard to its functioning which should confirm with the high principles and objective as laid down by FIDE and Olympic Chapter and which is also in consonance with the Indian Olympic Association norms, as per Sports Code in F.36-2/2010-SP-II, Government of India, Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs (Department of Sports).

b) The AICF has detailed rules and regulations for recognizing tournaments, can be find here :

The FIDE has also laid detailed rules/guidelines for recognizing tournaments which are followed scrupulously by the AIC, the rules can be find here :

In addition to the existing rules, the following regulations shall also be specifically followed:

i) Tournament organizers shall send the Bid Form duly filled and recommended by the jurisdictional State Associations.

ii) All the columns in the Bid Form should be filled.

iii) The Bid Form should be accompanied by the recognition fee as determined by the AICF from time to time.

iv) Only licensed Arbiters (Umpires) approved by World Chess Federation (FIDE) and All India Chess Federation should be nominated to organize the event. This is essential so as to prevent cheating and in case of disputes while playing only the qualified arbiters will be in a position to give correct decisions there by safeguard the interest of the players and the game.

v) The results should be filed with AICF within a week after completion of the tournament.

vi) The All India Chess Federation is responsible to pay the fees of all FIDE Rated players to the World Chess Federation and hence the list of rated players should be carefully maintained and submitted to AICF immediately after completion of the tournament.

vii) All organizers should be strictly warned not to collect more entry fees from the players but should confine to the norms of the All India Chess Federation there by no player should be subject to any monitory loss.

viii) All organizers should pay the Prize money to all the players as announced in their prospectus. All the affiliated state associations under whose jurisdiction the tournaments were held will be responsible and liable towards the prize money.

ix) Apart from the above the State Associations will be responsible for the smooth conduct of the tournament including venue, facilities for the players etc.,

x) If permission is denied, the Federation will give reasons for doing so and will give an opportunity to comply with the requirements.