WYCC 2017 Rd.10: Arjun, Jishita, Arpita and Sakshi – close to podium finish

At the end of the penultimate round and with just one round remaining we have 4 players – Arjun Erigaisi – Under 14 Open, Jishita – Under 14 Girls, Arpita and Sakshi – both Under 18 Girls on the doorstep of a podium finish! A proud and remarkable moment indeed.

In Under 14 Open Section in an all Indian contest, Arjun Erigaisi defeated Koustav Chatterjee to move to joint 2nd spot on 8 points – full point behind the leader Batsuren Dambasuren of Mangolia who is on 9 points. Arjun has to overcome a lowly rated player tomorrow in the last round to assure himself and our country either a Silver or Bronze medal!

We have brightest hopes in Girl’s Under 14 as Jishita has become the joint leader along with Assaubeyeva Bibisara of Russia on 8 points and has all the chances of winning the World Championship title and the Gold medal for our country, today Jishita scored her 4th consecutive victory.Jyptsna, Mrusdul and Saina are also in the fray for a higher placing as all of them are on 6.5 points and well above the rest of the crowd.

Rajdeep and Mitrabha were having excellent hopes in Open Under 16 but today’s results have put both of them out of contention of medal. Rajdeep had a good position and unfortunately, he blundered away his Rook and lost the game. Mitrabha had to win his game to try for medal but had to satisfy on a draw.

Arpita and Sakshi have reached on 7 points and share the 2nd spot along with Krasnakutskaya Sofiya of Ukrain. The Gold medal has been assured to Unuk Laura of Slovenia who has a massive and untouchable lead of 2 points! However, Arpita and Sakshi can bag the silver as well as bronze medals by winning their last round games tomorrow!

Points scored by Indian players after the 10h round:

Under 14 Open:

1. Erigaisi Arjun – 8 points

2. Koustav Chatterjee – 6.5 points

3. Anuj Shrivatri – 7 points

Under 14 Girls:

1. Mrudul Dehankar – 6.5 points

2. L. Jyotsna – 6.5 points

3. Jishita D – 8 points

4. Saina Salonika – 6.5 points

Under 16 Open:

1. Mitrabha Guha – 7 points

2. Rajdeep Sarkar – 6.5 points

3. Vatsal Singhania – 4.5 points

Under 16 Girls:

1. Meenal Gupta – 5.5 points

2. Harshita Guddanti – 5.5 points

3. Toshali V – 4 points

Under 18 Open:

1. Karthik Venkatraman – 6 points

2. Sai Vishwesh – 5.5 points

3. Kaustuv Kundu – 6 points

Under 18 Girls:

1. Sakshi Chitlangi – 7 points

2. Arpita Mukherjee – 7 points