AICF Central Council – September 2017

The AICF Central Council held on 01 September, 2017 took some administrative decisions some of the highlights of which is given below

  1. Women Players:

(a)     To identify talented Girl Children for special coaching. : It was decided to identify 10 talented young girls who will be put under foreign coach with support of Government of India to produce more number of titled women players in the country.

(b)     Round Robin tournaments for women players: It was decided to conduct round robin international events exclusive for women with a prize fund of Rs.7.5 lakhs in each which will be given by AICF.

(c)     AICF Fee waiver for Women open events: There will be no AICF fee for Women exclusive open FIDE rated events in the country. The organisers will only pay the FIDE Fee as per regulations.

  1. AICF to conduct the National Premier and National Women Premier:

It was decided to conduct the National Premier and Nation Women Premier directly by AICF from the year 2018.

  1.  More coaching camps in under-developed States: It was decided to conduct more GM/IM coaching camp in under-developed States (Chess) to bring more talents from these areas.
  1. Coaching Camps for Indian probable: It was decided to conduct coaching camps for Indian teams prior to major international events starting from Asian Indoor Games-2017.


  1. Asian Indoor Games to be held at Ashgabat, Turkmenistan from 18thto 28th Sep 2017

Coaching camp for the team will be conducted at Hotel Radisson Blu, Dawarka, New Delhi from 13-19 September 2017.


  1. Indian team for World Youth: It has been decided that two teams will be selected as per 2016 National sub junior ranking.  One more team will be selected on the basis of highest rated titled players of India who are under the age of 16. The players identified for this team are GM Aryan Chopra, IM Praggnanandhaa R, IM Nihal Sarin, IM P Iniyan and WIM Vaishali R
  1. National Trainer Seminars in various cities: It was decided to conduct 12 National Trainer Seminars at various cities. Each seminar will be of three days duration with a written examination. Successful candidates will be given National Trainer Title along the lines of FIDE Trainer titles. These seminars will be conducted by FIDE Senior trainers.
  1. FIDE Arbiter Seminars in various cities: It was decided to conduct 4 FIDE Arbiter Seminars at various cities. These seminars will be conducted as per the regulations of FIDE Arbiter’s Commission.
  1. Senior Arbiter Examination and Arbiter Refresher Course

It was decided to conduct at least 4 Senior Arbiter Examinations at various cities to give opportunity to interested persons to qualify as National Arbiters. It was also decided to conduct 4 Arbiter Refresher Courses at different cities to existing titled Arbiters to refresh and enhance their knowledge. Undergoing refresher course once in a year will be made mandatory for all Arbiters to officiate in National/FIDE Rated events.

  1. StrictDress Code for Nationals: The house has decided to inform all the Arbiters/State Associations/Players regarding mandatory rule of wearing the State/Affiliated unit uniform in National Championships for all rounds. Arbiters are empowered to forfeit the game in case the player does not wear the State/Affiliated unit colour.
  1. AICF Online Registration/Payment: It was  decided to make all the AICF players registration only through online platform from 01 Sep 17.  All the players playing in tournaments need to be compulsory registered with AICF through online before the start of first round.
  1. All AICF payments through online mode: It was decided to receive all the payments to AICF through online mode: NEFT/RTGS etc.

Bharat Singh Chauhan, Hon. Secretary, All India Chess Federation