Anand Beats Naiditch For First Victory

World champion Viswanathan Anand trapped the knight of Arkady Naiditch of Germany to win his first game in the fifth round of the Grenke Chess Classic in Baden-Baden, Germany on February 11, 2013.
Anand, the NIIT Brand Ambassador, moved to three points from five rounds at the half-way mark. In the second half, the six players face
each other with reversed colours.
Anand as white faced a Ruy Lopez from Naiditch. When black played …h5, Anand noticed that the black knight came via than square to f4
and could not go back. He trapped the knight and then he went on to pocket the game in 38 moves.
Fabiano Caruana is leading with 3/4 and is playing D Fridman in the fifth round. Meier is facing Adams in another ongoing game.