Bangalore Wins Dubai Cup, USD 3000

Bangalore Wins Dubai Cup, USD 3000
By Arvind Aaron

Bangalore won the Asian Cities Chess Championship that concluded at the beautiful Citrus Hotel in Waskaduwa in Sri Lanka. This event is held once every year.

Fourteen nations (16 teams) took part in this event and it was a great success. Champions Bangalore won the Dubai Cup with USD 3000 and gold medals. Two teams from Sri Lanka, Kandy, Colombo and two from India, Bangalore and Calicut took part besides one from each other nation.

Bangalore had recently won the National Cities at Goa. The team comprising International Masters Himanshu Sharma (8/9) and George Antony Stany (8.5/9), N Sanjay (7.5/9), K.S. Raghunandan (6.5/8) and M Satvik (0.5/1) scored 17 out of 18 points in the nine round team event.

Qingdao of China finished second with 15 points and received USD 2000 and silver medals. Bishkek of Kyrgyzstan scored 14 points and finished third and picked up bronze medals and USD 1000. India’s other team Calicut finished fourth.

Calicut (12 points) scorers: Arjun Satheesh 5.5/9; Sanjid Latheef 5.5/9; Mohammed Dilshad 4.5/9; Arjun K 7/9