MoU between All India Chess Federation and Maldives Chess Association

In a major development of chess cooperation to make the FIDE Motto of “Gens Una Sumus” (We are one family) meaningful one, All India Chess Federation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Maldives Chess Association for development of the game of chess in Maldives. India being a major player in the chess world, this development will set a new tradition for the big players to come forward to support the cause of chess development in other countries.


For All India Chess Federation, it’s Secretary Mr. Bharat Singh Chauhan signed the MoU while Mr. Hussain Shiyan, President of Maldives Chess Association signed on behalf of Maldives in a befitting ceremony on 10 Mar 19 at Male, the capital of Maldives.

By this MoU, All India Chess Federation undertake the development of the game at the Maldives at their own cost by providing the following:-

(a) AICF would provide senior coaches to conduct trainer seminars at their own cost to train and identify coaches in the Maldives.

(b) AICF would send Arbiters to conduct the Arbiter Seminar at their own cost, to train and identify arbiters in Maldives

(c) AICF would provide free board and lodge as well as a waiver in entry fee for players from the Maldives to participate tournaments hosted in India other than FIDE official championships.

(d) AICF at their cost would provide required technical support in the form of chess clocks, chess sets, accessories and Arbiters to help and organize the National championships and other chess tournaments in Maldives

(e) AICF would provide a coach to train the Maldivian national team before and during the Chess Olympiad.

(f) AICF officials would support the officials from the Maldives Chess Association to prepare a concept paper outlining the systematic long-term goals and programs for the sustainable development of chess in the Maldives and take into account the roles and responsibilities of the entire stakeholder.

(g) Maldives Chess Association needs to provide necessary logistic support like the venue, boarding, and lodging to AICF representative for the successful conduct of programs at the Maldives.

All India Chess Federation Secretary Mr. Bharat Singh told that India made significant developments in the game for the last fifteen years and feels that it’s their duty to support the neighboring countries for the development of the game. AICF already extending their support to Bhutan and look forward to extending significant contribution to other countries too.

Trainers Seminar