Piaya Network Negros Open: GM Srinath Narayanan pursues the leader


Piaya Network Negros International Open is taking place from October 11 to 19 in Bacolod City, Phillippines. The tournament is a 9 round Swiss open, played at 90 minutes for the whole game plus 30-second increment. English Grandmaster Nigel Short started off as the top-seed; whereas, Chennai’s GM Srinath Narayanan is the lone Indian playing in this forty-eight player event.

After four rounds, veteran Grandmaster Antonio Rogelio Jr (PHI) emerged as the sole leader with 04/4 points. Half-a-point behind the Filipino star is GM Nigel Short (ENG), GM Srinath Narayanan (IND), and GM Duc Hoa Nguyen (VIE).

Nigel Short will take on the leader Antonio Rogelio Jr. in round five tomorrow
Chennai’s GM Srinath Narayanan (2511)

Speaking about his performance in this event, GM Srinath commented,”I’ve had a decent start at the end of 4 rounds, but the quality of games has been a bit below par. I am hoping to pick up quickly and show some good games in the next 5 rounds.”

Going to the rest day with 04/4 points—GM Antonio Rogelio Jr.

The tournament is possible primarily thanks to Tony Aguirre, chairman of the AV Negros Chess Club and co-owner of Piaya Network. An avid chess lover, besides his generous patronage, he has been on site, coordinating the event, and ensuring that the players have their every need catered to. Hugo Villuaneva, the other co-owner of Piaya Networks is supporting the event from the USA.

Pairings for Round 5

Bo. No. Name Typ Rtg Pts. Result Pts. Name Typ Rtg No.
1 1 GM SHORT Nigel D S50 2698 4 GM ANTONIO Rogelio Jr S50 2365 9
2 5 GM NGUYEN Duc Hoa 2499 GM NARAYANAN Srinath 2511 4
3 22 NM EMPERADO Emmanuel 2232 3 3 IM DABLEO Ronald 2419 6
4 21 MONTOYA Edsel 2262 3 3 ASUELA Ellan 2275 20
5 2 GM GRIGORYAN Karen H. 2586 FM ABELGAS Roel 2301 15
6 24 NM RETANAL Elwin 2175 GM TRAN Tuan Minh U20 2558 3
7 8 GM LAYLO Darwin 2402 GANZON Rommel 2296 17
8 10 IM YAP Kim Steven 2361 SALUBRE Jayson 2282 19
9 11 IM TRAN Minh Thang U18 2352 MAGALLANES Rey Jomar 2068 29
10 12 IM GARMA Chito S50 2327 PAGARAN Michael Joseph 2118 41

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