PSNA College of Engineering and Technology National Junior and Junior Girls Chess Championship – 2015

PSNA College of Engineering and Technology

45th National Junior Chess Championship & 30th National Under 19 Girls’ Chess Championship

By Mr.R.Anantharam, International Arbiter

Former National Premier Champions G Akash and WIM Michelle Catherina took the sole lead in the respective sections at the end of the fifth round of the PSNA College of Engineering and Technology 45th National Junior Chess Championship, organised by PSNA College and Golden Knights Chess Academy, in association with Dindigul District Chess Academy at the college campus today.

Top seeded GM Karthikeyan Murali was held to draw in the first board by Akash PC Iyer in game of Larsen opening chosen by Akash PC Iyer. Karthi sacrificed his rook for knight on the 29th move. Sensing danger Akash PC returned the exchange a move later to equalise and both agreed in rook and pawn endgame in 47 moves. Meanwhile G Akash, swiftly punished his opponent Ankit Gajwa’s Ruy Lopez Archangel Variation. Ankit’s two bishop advantage short lived when Akash lead in development was threatening the king side. A tactical play fetched a pawn for Akash on the 24th move and his queen pawn march pressurised Ankit who resigned the game after going a piece down in 39 moves. With this facile win Akash moves on to 5 point and the sole lead. Half a point behind the leaders are Karthikeyan Murali and AKash Iyer with 4.5 points. GM Aravind Chithambaram took his tally to 4 points after outplaying Sai Vishwesh of TN in 37 moves.

In the girls section WIM Michelle Catherina of TN took the sole lead with 4.5 by winning against overnight leader Srija Seshadri of TN. In an English Opening Michelle expansion on King side was prematurely countered by Srija. A timely break through on the 31st move by Michelle put black’s king side vulnerable and the leader wrapped up the game in 43 moves. Top seeded GM Monnisha was held to draw by G Lasya of AP in 55 moves. Monnisha early onslaught was well countered by Lasya and a complex middle game arose. Despite Monnisha going an exchange up by 40th move the win was never in sight and black extra pawns were enough to hold the fort.


Bo. Name Club Pts Res. Name IRtg Club Pts
1 Akash Pc Iyer TN drew with Karthikeyan Murali 2509 TN
2 Akash G TN 5 beat Gajwa Ankit 2107 DEL 4
3 Aravindh Chithambaram Vr. TN 4 beat Sai Vishwesh.C 2318 TN
4 Hemanth Raam TN 3 lost to Harsha Bharathakoti 2368 TEL 4
5 Kumar Gaurav BIH drew with Kumaran B 2254 TN
6 Adhithya S TN drew with Pranavananda V 2246 AP
7 Abhilash Reddy M.L. AP 4 beat Yogit S 2064 TN 3
8 Arjun Adappa KAR 3 lost to Sahoo Utkal Ranjan 2215 ORI 4
9 Dhulipalla Bala C Prasad AP 4 beat Barath Kalyan M 1938 TN 3
10 Hirthickkesh Pr TN 4 beat Srijit Paul 1881 WB 3
11 Vaisnav M TN 3 lost to Krishna Teja N 2192 AP 4
12 Sharma Suyash MP 3 lost to Sai Agni Jeevitesh J 2184 TEL 4
13 Prathish A TN 3 lost to Varun V 2171 TEL 4
14 Ganesh R TN drew with Abhishek T M 1752 KER
15 Sammed Jaykumar Shete MAH beat Arjun Kalyan 2037 TN
16 Aaditya Jagadeesh TN lost to Chakravarthi Reddy M 2260 TEL
17 Karthik V.   Ap AP beat Barath L 1994 TN
18 Nihal Sarin KER beat Jay Kundalia 1986 GUJ
19 Karthik Raj C TN lost to Harshal Shahi 2228 DEL
20 Shailesh Dravid MAH beat Sadhu S Adithya 1978 TN


Bo. Name Club Pts Res. Name Club Pts
1 Michelle Catherina P TN beat Srija Seshadri TN 4
2 Monnisha G K TN 4 drew with Lasya.G AP 4
3 Bidhar Rutumbara ODI 4 drew with Sapale Saloni MAH 4
4 Mahalakshmi M TN 4 beat Varshini V TN
5 Divya Lakshmi R TN 3 lost to Vaishali R TN 4
6 Harshini A TN drew with Madhurima Shekhar DEL
7 Chitlange Sakshi MAH drew with Harshita Guddanti AP
8 Isha Sharma KAR 4 beat Sangeetha P TN 3
9 Hilmi Parveen KER 4 beat Sunyasakta Satpathy ODI 3
10 Priyamvada Karamcheti AP 4 beat Saranya Y TN 3
11 Bala Kannamma.P TN beat Akshaya Nandakumar TN
12 Tarini Goyal CHAN lost to Varsha C R TN
13 Ananya Suresh KAR beat Krithigga K TN
14 Meghna C H KER beat Abirami S TN
15 Sunyuktha C M N TN beat Priyanka K TN 2
16 Priyanka Nutakki AP 3 beat Parvathy S.L DEL 2
17 Shweta Gole MAH drew with Raga Jyothsna R AP
18 Kavitha P L TN 2 lost to Potluri Supreetha AP 3
19 Neela S TN drew with Smaraki Mohanty ODI
20 Ashwini U TN 3 beat Fathima Abdeen KER 2