Three Indian GMs At Novi Sad

Three Indian GMs At Novi Sad
By Arvind Aaron

A total of 145 GMs are among the players competing in the European Club Cup that is taking place at Novi Sad. It includes three Indian GMs: P Harikrishna, K Sasikiran (both representing team AVE Novy Bor) and S.P. Sethuraman (Itaka).

This event is an 8-a side team event with seven rounds in all. It runs from November 6-12, 2016. The 1990 Chess Olympiad took place at Novi Sad, Serbia (then Yug). It is organised by the European Chess Union and the Chess Federation of Serbia. Chief Arbiter is the well known IA Ashot Vardapetyan who officiated in the Anand v Carlsen match at Chennai 2013.

The big names competing are V Kramnik (Rus) for team Syberia. Siberia is the top seed with average Elo 2745. Ave Novy Bor from Czech Republic is seed 5 and Itaka are seed 14. All these teams won round one. Kramnik (Syberia) and Harikrishna (Ave Novy Bor) were rested in round one. Sasikiran and Sethuraman were among the winners for their teams in round one.

There are sixty-two teams in the race. Six rounds remain to be played. All the three Indians have a good opportunity to face big names and climb the rating ladder if they do well here.