Vidit wins Challengers; Qualifies for Masters in TATA Steel Chess

Photos: Alina L’ami

Winning the challenger’s category of the TATA Steel Chess marks the beginning of an elite player. The winner gains the right to play in the Master’s section and prove his mettle against best among the world.  The Jubilee 80th edition of the prestigious Tata Steel Chess in Wijk Aan Zee ended on a high note for GM Vidit Gujrathi. The Nasik’s Super Grandmaster started off as the top seed in the Challengers section. With an undefeated streak of 9.0/13, he convincingly lifted the trophy and secured a spot for 2019 Tata Steel Masters.

GM Vidit Gujrathi

The 23-year-old GM already was in Wijk aan Zee in 2017, being the second of Anish Giri. This year he decided to play himself. He scored 5 wins, drew his remaining games and won the gruelling 13 round event by a one-point margin against his nearest rivals.

In round 2, he beat Polish Grandmaster Michał Krasenkow in crushing style.

Vidit managed to get the upper hand in the clash against Egyptian GM Bassem Amin in round 3.

Another notable victory include game against Russian Grandmaster Dmitry Gordievsky.

India’s top female Grandmaster Dronavalli Harika had to be content with 5.0/13 points in this strong field.