WYCC 2017 Rd.8: There Are Medal Winning Hopes

Last 3 rounds are remaining and it’s going to be a really crucial test for few Indian players, to prove their mettle against strong opposition, for a podium finish at the 2017 World Youth Chess Championship. India’s medal-winning hopes rest on Koustav, Rajdeep, Mitrabha, Jyotsna, Jishita, Mrudul and Saina!

Karthik Venkatramana and Sakshi’s losses were a big blow to India’s medal hunt in Under 18 Boy’s and Girl’s sections. Karthik enjoyed a good position for most part of the game but a greedy pawn capture on 38th move enabled his opponent to take control of the situation and Karthik couldn’t save the game thereafter.

Sakshi’s game started with French Classical variation and quite as per her prepared line till 14th move. However, she chose a wrong move order to follow her desired plan and was left with very bad piece formation and also the ‘worst’ Bishop against a strong and centralized white Knight. Though, Sakshi kept on fighting with all her wit, it was insufficient to save the game.

Koustav Chatterjee drew with highly rated Batsuren Dambas and took his tally to 6.5 points and is on the 2nd position. Also, Rajdeep Sarkar playing in Under 16 Boy’s drew his game from a difficult position and has kept medal hopes alive.

Girl’s Under 14 is being dominated by Indian Girls and we really have good hopes for winning a medal from that age group.

Points scored by all Indian players after 8th round:

Under 14 Open:
1. Erigaisi Arjun – 6 points
2. Koustav Chatterjee – 6.5 points
3. Anuj Shrivatri – 5 points

Under 14 Girls:
1. Mrudul Dehankar – 5.5 points
2. L. Jyotsna – 6 points
3. Jishita D – 6 points
4. Saina Salonika – 5.5 points

Under 16 Open:
1. Mitrabha Guha – 5.5 points
2. Rajdeep Sarkar – 6 points
3. Vatsal Singhania – 4 points

Under 16 Girls:
1. Meenal Gupta – 5 points
2. Harshita Guddanti – 4 points
3. Toshali V – 3.5 points

Under 18 Open:
1. Karthik Venkatraman – 5 points
2. Sai Vishwesh – 4.5 points
3. Kaustuv Kundu – 5 points

Under 18 Girls:
1. Sakshi Chitlangi – 5 points
2. Arpita Mukherjee – 5 points