Chinese Men Catch Up India

AsNa14-Album6 12Chinese Men Catch Up India
By Arvind aaron

India slipped in round seven with a 2-2 draw against Iran-A allowing China to play catch up in the standings in the Asian Nations Cup being played in Iran.

All the four Indians were higher rated than their Iranian counterparts. The all Grand Master team of hosts Iran held India to draws in their white boards. In India’s white boards, Negi won on board four while Adhiban suffered a defeat to Elshan Moradiabadi in board No.2.

China swept Iran 4-0 to catch up with India in the points table with 12 points from seven rounds. Two rounds remain to be played. China plays Iran-B and India take on Jordan in the next round.

China has the better tie-break score. They have to play Iran-A and Iran-B while India plays Jordan and Sri Lanka in the last two games.

China Wins Women’s Title

AsNa14-Album6 33In the women’s section too, India were held to a draw by Iran ‘A’ by 2-2. Like in the men, all our women were higher rated than their Iranian counterparts. Tania Sachdev beat Atousha Pourkashiyan while Eesha Karavade lost on board two to Mitra Hejazipour. Mary Ann and Padmini Rout only made draws draws on the lower boards.

China retained the title with maximum five wins in a six player all-play-all event. India won the silver medal having lost to China, drawn Iran-A and beating the rest. India totalled seven points. Iran-A won bronze medal.