Deepan and Laxman among the leaders in Chennai Grandmaster Open

All Photos are by David Llada

Chennai: Four players steal the spotlight at the end of 7 rounds in the Chennai Grandmaster Open 2018 for Sakthi Group Dr. N. Mahalingam Trophy at The Vijay Park Hotel. Local stars GM Deepan Chakravarthy and GM Laxman Rajaram are two Indians who share the lead with GMs Adam Tukaev (Ukraine) and Ivan Rozum (Russia).

Chennai based Grandmaster Deepan Chakravarthy played an outstanding game as he completely outsmarted top-seeded GM Timur Garayev of the USA and created an upset win in the fifth round earlier.

After two draws on the top board, Deepan is now paired against compatriot GM Laxman Rajaram in the eight round.

GM Timur Gareyev

The tournament now looks optimistic for American GM Timur Gareyev after scoring a victory over local boy Karthi Rajarishi. This win brought down a two-round slump to a halt and propelled Gareyev to 5.0 points with three games on hand.

GM Ivan Rozum

In-form FM Karthik Venkatraman’s undefeated streak took a major hit after he lost to GM Ivan Rozum of Russia. Seemingly looking aggressive move 11..e5 turned out to be a blunder for Karthik after the Russian Grandmaster capitalized the mistake and defended his uncastled king with accurate play.

Reigning World Under 12 Champion Divya Deshmukh, who scalped her maiden GM win, went down in a hard fought battle to Muhammad  Khusenkhojaev of Tajikistan. Despite the loss, the prospects of scoring a WIM is higher for the Maharashtra girl.


Round 8 on 2018/01/23 at 10:00 hrs

Bo. No. Name Rtg Pts. Result Pts. Name Rtg No.
1 5 GM Tukhaev Adam 2570 6 6 GM Rozum Ivan 2595 2
2 14 GM Deepan Chakkravarthy J. 2475 6 6 GM Laxman R.R. 2434 19
3 18 GM Dzhumaev Marat 2434 GM Tiviakov Sergei 2584 3
4 20 IM Nitin S. 2422 GM Sivuk Vitaly 2550 6
5 21 IM Llaneza Vega Marcos 2421 GM Atalik Suat 2538 8
6 9 GM Pruijssers Roeland 2536 Muthaiah Al 2291 34
7 25 FM Erigaisi Arjun 2386 IM Karthikeyan P. 2497 10
8 13 FM Karthik Venkataraman 2476 IM Sidhant Mohapatra 2382 26
9 17 IM Visakh N R 2457 Saravana Krishnan P. 2323 30
10 7 GM Tran Tuan Minh 2548 5 Pranav V 2275 38